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Real Estate Review – How to Collect, Manage, and Promote Real Estate Reviews

Real Estate Review at Harvard is a premier publication covering issues related to real estate and the built environment, publishing professional and academic articles, case studies, book reviews and reports written by both students across Harvard as well as scholars around the globe. It serves as a forum for discussing issues crucial to real estate practice as well as to the general public; its goal is also to foster collaboration among practitioners and academia.

Online real estate reviews are a valuable asset that agents can utilize to attract new clients and earn their trust. Home buyers and sellers use reviews as an influencer when making their choice, often checking multiple sites before selecting an agent. An impressive collection of positive reviews not only builds trust with prospective clients, but can also boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Utilizing the appropriate tools to collect, manage and promote real estate reviews is of utmost importance for agents. Through review management software agents can ensure their positive reviews reach more potential buyers while any negative ones remain hidden from view. Furthermore, an excellent real estate review management solution should allow agents to easily share new reviews via social media while being compatible with other marketing tools they utilize.

Benefits of Reviews Great reviews are one of the easiest ways to draw in new business, particularly buyers and sellers alike. When prospective clients consider which agent to work with, they want someone with a proven track record of success – in fact, according to NAR research, 90% of sellers and buyers would definitely or probably recommend their agent to others.

Referrals remain the most effective means of finding a real estate agent, yet online reviews are becoming increasingly important in finding one. Buyers searching on Google often read past customer reviews before making their selection based on these ratings; so it is vitally important for all major review sites and keep these updated frequently with fresh reviews of your services provided by real estate agents.

An adverse real estate review can be devastating for your business, with homebuyers and sellers often opting not to work with agents with negative reviews. Therefore, it’s vital that agents be proactive about seeking feedback from clients, responding quickly when receiving negative reviews, and actively showing that they care about ensuring an enjoyable experience for clients. This shows them you care about making it right with them and are willing to do everything necessary in order to improve things quickly and professionally.

Acquisition and management of real estate reviews may take some time and effort, but the effort pays off in spades. By making the experience more seamless for your clients, you’ll build more trust and attract more business. Reviewgrower is here to assist with that goal – offering real estate agents an effortless solution for soliciting reviews across major platforms while keeping track of them with our automated real estate review software that’s free to try – we make getting real estate reviews easier than ever! Our real estate review software integrates easily with existing marketing tools for seamless review collection!

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