MIT Technology Review Launches New Identity and Editorial Content

Technology Review is the world’s premier source for insight on emerging technologies. A trusted independent media company, it reaches millions of business leaders, innovators, thought leaders and early adopters around the globe across six languages via multiple platforms with its publications, research studies, videos and live events that address commercial, social and political impacts of new technologies.

MIT Technology Review is one of the oldest and most influential technology magazines worldwide, founded in 1899 under its original name The Technology Review. Edited independently of Massachusetts Institute of Technology but owned by them as an entity, its bimonthly publication takes controversial stances against certain technologies while exposing risks and hazards associated with manufacturing; for instance in 1980 an article by Jerome Wiesner attacked Ronald Reagan’s nuclear defense strategy, while in May 1984 there was a cover story detailing microchip production risks.

In its new editorial design, MIT Technology Review explores how technology and culture are becoming ever more integrated, raising important questions about shaping our technological future. Following MIT’s Tree of Knowledge chart’s principles as guidance for each issue’s theme articles addressing specific technologies’ potential positive or negative effects in our lives.

Pentagram worked closely with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s in-house team to establish the new identity, which draws inspiration from an era when the magazine was at its peak and most influential – the sixties and seventies. Upstatement designed the website which will serve as a vehicle for furthering this visual vocabulary through email newsletters, social media updates and digital transformation projects.

Editorially-led coverage of emerging technologies continues to shape global conversations around them by exploring their economic, social and political repercussions. Their global network of reporters brings breaking news, analysis and opinion directly to business leaders, innovators and early adopters in multiple languages – whether through print magazines, video interviews or the MIT Technology Reviews website – providing readers with news on a range of platforms such as print magazines or videos interviews – plus live events like MIT EmTech Advisory Board Meetings or international EmTech conferences.

MIT Technology Review maintains an expansive database of technology companies and their products, enabling users to search by category, region and industry as well as trend analysis, key figures funding rounds and the latest updates. In addition, this website also features an entrepreneur-in-residence program and directory of MIT alumni.

MIT Technology Review is an invaluable resource for technology companies and individuals. Their Technology Review Process aims to reduce software duplication while assuring it is licensed correctly; all purchases of technology or software must be approved by IT Director (individual faculty/staff cannot submit) so as to assess risk on behalf of Marshall University community and affiliates. Please review TTS Review Guide for instructions or reach out for help from IT Support Team if required.

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