How to Write a News Review

News Reviews are forms of writing that offer an in-depth assessment and overview of a news article or media source, focusing on its credibility and accuracy. Essentially, the goal is to assess whether the writer presented information accurately while also exploring any bias, distortions, or errors present within it. Students also investigate how journalist has presented facts while making it appealing to readers.

News articles provide important public awareness of current events and activities that affect or interest them, whether local, regional or global in nature. Reporting local, regional and global news such as an earthquake happening elsewhere or new products on the market is one way of accomplishing this objective; but having access to accurate and up-to-date information is equally vital.

Newspapers are an invaluable source of news because they’re regularly published and contain an assortment of different articles. But not all newspapers are created equal; how a paper is written, organized and styled can have an enormous impact on readership and credibility of its publication.

Newspaper production relies heavily on advertisement revenue, which in turn affects what kind of content is produced. Understanding how advertisements function within newspaper production allows students to critically assess and evaluate all reports published.

The library maintains an impressive collection of databases to cover a range of news sources. Google News is another invaluable resource that can be used to locate articles. Note that, like other news websites online, the scope of this search engine can be extremely expansive and may prove challenging to use. Students should become acquainted with all types of scholarly literature available at their libraries, in particular how to write literature reviews (see Academic Writing: Literature Reviews ). Furthermore, there are free tools and software that students can use to save research articles from databases; please see SFU Citation & Style Guides for details.

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