How to Get Apps Review Feedback

Apps Review is an online marketplace which enables users to share their experiences with specific apps, helping others decide if and when they should download them. Reviews can be posted directly onto app stores such as Apple and Google Play or dedicated review websites; Picreel tools also make this easy for users.

Reviews are one of the primary drivers of app store visibility and installs. The more positive reviews your app receives, the higher it will rank in app stores. Therefore, it’s essential that user feedback be requested at key moments – after positive interactions or important points along the customer journey or from within your app itself – using advanced targeting features for contextual insight gathering.

Users tend to leave reviews when they are highly pleased with your product or service and willing to recommend it to friends and family. Therefore, offering incentives such as discounts or access to exclusive/gated content/features may encourage users to submit ratings and reviews – such as creating popups that appear after making a purchase or finishing an in-app activity is likely to boost user feedback rates significantly.

Once your app has been submitted to the App Store, it will undergo an exhaustive review by Apple’s human App Review team. They’ll compare your app against Apple’s public App Store guidelines – such as making sure it runs without crashing and is free from illegal content or behavior – while also considering accessibility, usability and integration between devices/services such as iCloud and Apple TV.

If your app does not pass App Store Review, submitting an appeal requires accessing App Store Connect and visiting its submission page. There are certain criteria you need to meet when filing an appeal – for instance providing details about any issues with your app and an explanation on how it meets Apple guidelines. It is also advised that before submitting another update of your app to App Review you consult with Apple experts on ways you could address any concerns before doing so.

Attracting app ratings and reviews is valuable, but prioritizing those which pose the highest threat should be your main priority. This could include users with serious complaints, those on the verge of leaving or those who have alarmingly low ratings – this way you can identify any key issues which could be fuelling negative reviews more effectively.

Once you’ve addressed key issues, follow-up with users who left negative ratings or feedback by thanking them and assuring them that improvements will be made to enhance the experience. Developers who respond to reviews see an average +0.7 increase in app rating; showing your customers you care and are taking measures to enhance their experience can attract new users looking through store reviews for developers who respond promptly to feedback will bring new business into your fold.

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