Writing an Entertainment Review

The Entertainment Review is a monthly American magazine covering topics in music, film, TV and video gaming. Additionally, its articles discuss legal aspects related to these industries such as intellectual property and contracts – written by professionals within this sector.

Loyola University School of Law founded this magazine in 1981 and since then it has grown into one of the leading publications for entertainment law. The editorial staff consists of professors and practitioners with expertise in various entertainment fields; while contributors specialize in fields like copyright law, contract law, trademark protection etc.

At Entertainment Weekly, its flagship sections include “Entertainment” and “Must List” issues, the former providing an annual list of the ten best movies, television shows, DVDs and music releases in that year, while critics each provide their top ten lists within that issue – typically leading to an overall ranking in “Must List”. Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly releases an end-of-year issue which honors their Entertainer of the Year along with top ten lists for theater, film, television shows music DVDs as well as literature!

In the past, Time spent several issues covering the Oscars. Starting with its January issue “Oscar Race Begins”, subsequent issues analyzed nominees’ chances and predicted the eventual winners weeks prior to ceremony day; furthermore there was also an “After-Awards” edition covering postceremony events and parties.

Writing Entertainment Reviews can be daunting task for those new to it. In order to succeed in this genre, creating articles that appeal to a broad audience is key; using various formats like videos, interviews and podcasts may be useful tools in this regard.

As with any review, when writing book reviews it is essential that they remain impartial and avoid making personal attacks against authors or characters in them. Doing this will make the review more readable for readers as it will give a greater idea of the book’s content. Your review should also contain a brief synopsis of plot and characters as well as highlight any parts you enjoyed from it.

Live music performance reviews must address the venue, atmosphere and audience as well as any interactions between musicians and audiences (if applicable). When reviewing comedy shows it should take the same approach – however with an emphasis placed on their stage presence and reaction from the crowd.

The magazine provides an in-depth “TV on DVD” review section that profiles released television series and specials, along with new releases for each season and season-to-season comparison. Furthermore, columnists in this magazine frequently offer brief one- or two sentence reviews of several programs each night of the week.

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