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Pet Review is a dark fantasy thriller set in a fictional town where monsters exist and humans rely on supernatural angels for support. The plot follows Jam, a transgender teenage girl, as she discovers an animal she names Pet in one of her mother’s paintings and then brings into reality. Pet tells Jam that its purpose is to hunt a monster that terrorized Lucille despite all adults trying to rid themselves of monsters while keeping children safe from divisive religious doctrine and conceal the most uncomfortable parts of history hidden away – yet another monster appears.

New Zealand writer Catherine Chidgey’s second feature film (Women’s Prize-longlisted Remote Sympathy) may seem worlds away from her debut feature film, yet both feature similar themes of isolation and powerlessness. Like its predecessor, this new release is both emotionally poignant and visually striking with impressive performances by its cast of characters: Jam, Bitter and Redemption are characters who radiate individuality while sharing one trait: having been victimized at some point in their lives.

This scholarly work reviewed 54 studies that investigated the effect of pets on mental health. Of those, 17 had positive impacts on owner mental health, 10 showed mixed effects and 13 had no bearing at all on it. Most studies included in this review were cross-sectional while only a handful had longitudinal designs; quality ratings varied widely with only general aspects being taken into consideration for rating individual studies’ quality indices being implemented – this criticism being raised that such ratings only measured overall study designs rather than specific aspects such as impact.

The authors of this review came to the conclusion that more research needs to be conducted into the role and effects of pets on mental health. More specifically, they recommended future studies focus on pet-derived outcomes related to specific mental health conditions; benefits/harms of different forms of pet ownership; as well as ways in which these pets could fit into mainstream support for people suffering with diagnosed mental illness problems.

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