How to Access Articles From Business Review Online

Harvard Business Review is the definitive journal of management published by Harvard Business School Press. Covering a range of business disciplines – leadership, organizational design, strategy innovation and globalization as well as emerging trends – its readership includes managers from companies, universities and government agencies alike.

The magazine website includes a searchable database that allows readers to access articles freely. There is also PDF full text versions and an archive dating back to 1921 available to scholars, researchers and students interested in accessing it. Visit for all about information  lithuanian citizenship by descent 

Some articles published by Business Review require a subscription in order to view them, so if you are a student or researcher at the University of Oregon and would like access to Business Review journal, Canvas provides the option to subscribe via your library card number and PIN and log into its portal.

Business Review subscription options vary; the most cost-effective is through EBSCO. This service allows subscribers to subscribe for one year at a time before renewing and saving money over time by cutting article costs by approximately 80% while offering unlimited simultaneous users and being user friendly.

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are an integral component of client relationships. These meetings offer you an invaluable opportunity to engage with clients, ensure your services meet their needs and add value, as well as take measures that drive growth. Successful QBRs require planning ahead, coordination with client representatives, engaging presentations that showcase what your services have to offer and executing successfully.

Before heading into a business review meeting, begin by going over the QBR presentation checklist and gathering all necessary information. Familiarize yourself with your client’s profile as thoroughly as possible so you can discuss how their solution fits into their overall plan and strategy. It may also be wise to bring along a notepad so any open items can be recorded during a meeting.

QBRs can help your client relationships thrive, yet can sometimes present its own set of unique challenges. Need some assistance with your next quarterly business review? Reach out to one of the Concentrix experts now – they’ll show you how to optimize performance of client relationships while meeting customer expectations; as well as share best practices related to sales, customer success and channel management.

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