Fishing Review

Fishing games have always been an oddity in gaming; turning an activity that often leaves players sitting for long stretches without much action into an engaging video game requires special finesse. XSeed’s Fishing Resort makes an attempt at altering this formula by including some fun twists, but in reality is just another rehash of numerous similar titles than anything truly innovative or novel.

Although this game does offer some interesting game elements such as cooking and selling your catch, it remains predominantly a straightforward fishing experience. Mr. Shopman directs you to a body of water where he would like you to fish; after finding an ideal fishing spot and setting up your pole and bait you are free to fish until 3PM when the game automatically ends – this basic structure works quite well, punctuated by occasional quicktime events with cutesy Japanese aesthetic for added appeal.

The primary strength of the game lies within its robust system to build upon. Players can focus on unlocking different fishing rods and lures that enable them to fish in new locations or tournaments; additionally, the game enables users to customize the look and feel of their gear.

One issue with the system is its tendency to oversaturate players with too many mini-games. While these can provide some entertainment while not fishing, they detract from its overall sense of depth. Furthermore, its graphics leave much to be desired; landscapes tend to appear uninspiring while moving your character can look almost cartoon-ish in appearance.

Overall, Fishing is a solid game that offers plenty of diversity in terms of fishing locations and activities. As an entry into the genre, it teaches its systems efficiently while still managing to provide an engaging fishing experience. Unfortunately, Fishing suffers from choppy graphics that rely too heavily on minigame based tasks to manage its important aspects; which is disappointing considering it does possess real potential as evidenced by titles like Stardew Valley which handles fishing more adeptly while weaving it into more substantial narrative arcs – though fans of genre might enjoy checking it out; anyone else might prefer something more traditional or engaging from this genre would benefit more from exploring other titles available today.

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