A Health Review For Primary Care

Health Review is a bimonthly journal covering all aspects of clinical practice and policy in health services research, epidemiology and public health. The publication provides an overview of current and emerging issues within these fields as well as reviews literature to provide opinions and commentary about diagnostic or treatment interventions relevant to primary care settings.

Traditional reviews rely on literature to provide an assessment of the state of knowledge for any topic. They are commonly known by various names such as narrative review, critical review, integrative review or state of the art review; their key feature being reporting evidence and opinions objectively and clearly.

Recently there has been increased discussion regarding the health benefits of direct exposure to natural environments and increasing interest in nature-based interventions for improving human health and wellbeing. Many interventions have been developed and implemented – however few have been rigorously assessed for effectiveness. Therefore, this systematic review was undertaken in order to identify any evidence showing increased health or wellbeing benefits due to direct contact with nature measured through self-reported outcomes.

This study provided evidence of a beneficial impact of direct exposure to nature on self-reported emotions. Further investigation should explore whether similar effects can be observed with physiological outcomes and their longer-term significance, as well as examine different environmental contexts and settings. Public health decision-makers may wish to use this evidence when selecting interventions aimed at using nature for health promotion purposes.

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